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Welcome to Fiscal Fitness Services!

Our goal is to help you control your financial habits so that you get what you REALLY  want from your money! (…and have some fun while doing it.)

 Learn to master your money and the financial tasks that keep you in control.  We cover reducing debt, managing student loans, budgeting, finding the right tax strategies, solving money problems and more.  We also have financial coaches who are available to help make it happen who are committed to putting your interests above their own under the fiduciary standard. Whether you’re wanting to learn about mastering your money or you want a coach to help you get there, we’ve got a program for you. If you’re a company or group wanting a financial wellness program, check us out!

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Knowing WHAT to do is the first step to staying on top of your finances. Then you need to know HOW to do it. Finally, having an EASY, CONVENIENT and CURRENT process will make it simple to fit into your life. The Financial Task Roadmap package gives you these things.

  • The knowledge, tools, and resources to be able to complete the tasks listed

  • A process, so you don’t have to spend too much time getting the tasks done

  • Up-to-date content and resources with current laws, trends, money saving ideas and planning strategies

  • A roadmap to follow for the entire year that makes it easy to get the tasks accomplished in as little time as possible

  • Coaching Office Hours where a CFP® can help you make sense of the materials and tools

  • Open Clubs for group discussions of the monthly challenge and sharing between money buddies

We guarantee that following this roadmap will save you more than you pay if you complete the tasks.  It will bring you peace of mind. You will be prepared for what life may throw at you and will be on your way to achieving your goals. Many of our members report cutting their debt-free date in half and saving lots of interest. That is just from one class. You will make back the yearly fees for this program and more by following this system.

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