Wine and Dime Episode 35 - For the Love of Pets with Jane Yoo

In this episode of Wine and Dime I chat with Jane Financial founder, Jane Yoo. We talk about her path to the opening of her own firm, which was unique indeed. We also chat about the love for her cat Zoe, as well as her involvement with a local shelter called Cat Town. I truly enjoyed learning more about Jane and I’m sure you will too. So sit back, pop open a nice bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy the episode!

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Jane Yoo

Jane Financial

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I’m based in sunny Oakland, CA. Before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, I built my financial planning chops at the Social Security Administration and Vanguard, and I got my MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In 2012, I started a financial planning residency program at Aspiriant, one of the largest independent wealth management firms in the US. In my four years there, I worked closely with high net worth families, particularly corporate executives who were preparing for retirement and/or needed help with their company stock options and RSUs. I’ve invested many years in my professional training, and I offer this expertise and commitment to you. 

I’m a proud aunt, and I’m grateful that my nieces are nearby. As a Chicago native, I’m still giddy about the Cubs’ 2016 World Series victory. My cat, Zoe, is the apple of my eye. Community service is important to me, and I volunteer for Cat Town, a cat rescue group that helps stressed, sick, and senior cats get ready for their forever homes. I also provide pro bono financial planning through the Financial Planning Association. I enjoy Star Wars books and animation as I impatiently wait for the next film. Finally, incorporating mindfulness into my life helps me become a better financial planner, friend, sister, and aunt. 


Cat Town

Cat Town was founded by Ann Dunn while she was a volunteer at Oakland Animal Services, Oakland’s municipal shelter. Ann saw the challenges faced by the severely under resourced shelter to adequately care for the number of animals it receives each year, and the specific difficulties cats face in a shelter environment. Ann was quickly joined by other shelter volunteers to create an alternative to the shelter for the cats who are at greatest risk for euthanasia.

Part of what makes Cat Town unique is that several members of our core team are still volunteers at OAS and work closely with the cats there. This helps us identify the cats who most need our help. And, while we are fully independent of OAS, we work in close collaboration with shelter staff and consider supporting that shelter to be integral to our mission.

Cats Adopted by Year from Cat Town

Starting with a foster-based program in 2011, we now have a network of more than 50 foster homes in and around Oakland.  We reserve the foster homes for the cats who most need a calm, quiet environment to thrive. Generally these are cats who are more sensitive to change, such as older cats, cats who don’t do well with other cats and/or cats with special needs. Potential adopters meet these cats in their foster home, where they are most relaxed and able to show their true personalities.

In 2014, we launched Cat Town Cafe (now Cat Town Cafe and Adoption Center) in collaboration with Adam Myatt — aka the Cat Man of West Oakland. Today, our adoption center allows us to give cats a place to socialize, learning from other more confident cats how to interact with humans. In our free-roaming space, guests and cats alike can enjoy a relaxed environment and get to know one another without the stress of the shelter, reducing the barriers to the adoption process.

In 2017, we expanded our adoption center and opened The Studios at Cat Town, where Oakland's most difficult to place shelter cats can get dedicated attention from our staff and volunteers, while being afforded greater opportunities for adoption. Visitors to Cat Town can ask to see the expanded space and visit with approved cats.

Cat Town is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and all donations are tax-deductible. Our tax ID is 27-3838132.

The Wine and Wineries

Schransberg Sparkling Wines

Schramsberg’s founders, Jack and Jamie Davies were determined to seek out a simpler, more meaningful life. In 1965, after a yearlong search, they discovered a run-down winery on the mountainside above St. Helena. The 19th century Victorian mansion presided over the tangled remains of once stately gardens and underground cellars. The historic Schramsberg property had been abandoned for years, but the Davies were looking for a challenge. On that day they decided Schramsberg would be brought back to life.

The Davies had an ambition to make wine, but not just any wine. They were setting out to produce a world-class sparkling wine, and it was a lofty goal. Later that year, the 1965 Blanc de Blancs came to be, and would be the first commercial use of Chardonnay in American sparkling wine.


Castel Grisch Winery

"Growing Vine by Vine For Over 30 Years". Established in 1983 by a Swiss German couple, Castel Grisch has been devoted to providing the best experience and wine for its visitors. Castel Grisch sets on a gorgeous site with breathtaking views of Seneca Lake. The vineyard at Castel Grisch is home to 40 acres of vines ranging from native varieties, to Vinifera varieties. We utilize the freshest, and best quality grapes to craft our wines, and it truly shows in the quality. Since our founding in 1983, we've striven to produce the most consistent, and best quality wine, vintage to vintage.  Our wines are created to appeal to a whole variety of tastes, shaped to your liking. So why drink our wine? Because we make it for you. 

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The Seneca Lake Wine Trail 

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