Wine and Dime Episode 13 - The Six Letter "B" Word with the "Money Honey"

In this episode of Wine and Dime, I chat with Nancy "The Money Honey" Reigelsperger from Cornell Cooperative Extension.  Nancy specializes in the financial services aspect of this organization.  And as we chat about in this episode, the six letter B word... Budget.

The mission of Cooperative Extension is to enable people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work. Extension staff and trained volunteers deliver education programs, conduct applied research, and encourage community collaborations. Our educators connect people with the information they need on topics such as commercial and consumer agriculture; nutrition and health; youth and families; finances; energy efficiency; economic and community development; and sustainable natural resources. Our ability to match university resources with community needs helps us play a vital role in the lives of individuals, families, businesses, and communities throughout Tompkins County.

Cornell Cooperative Extension can be found on the web at

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The Wine:  Miles Wine Cellars

Ghost Wine - Light, semi-dry white wine that’s a blend of 50% Chardonnay 50% Cayuga. Serve with a cheese and cracker tray or a perfect picnic lunch on the lawn.

The Bottle

The couple wanted a unique bottle to package their Ghost blend, so they hired Fred Wickham, of Canasta Designs in Watkins Glen, to dream up a fitting label.

By the time Wickham, Miles and Hayes had agreed on the finer details, they had designed a one-of-a-kind silk-screened bottle that casts an ethereal feel.

The image on the front of the bottle is a ghost-like silhouette of a woman. Through her skirts and the wine is the bottle, one can see a line drawing of the house, which appears on the back of the wine bottle.

Ghost Wine by Miles Wine Cellars

Ghost Wine by Miles Wine Cellars

Two tiny figures – a man and a woman (see illustration at right) – are embracing on the front porch of the house. The couple’s image is repeated on the cork.”They had an idea they wanted to do a ghost bottle and I knew the story,” says Wickham.

One of the theories Miles and Hayes have heard about their ghosts revolves around a young couple who may have died tragically at the house. They haven’t been able to trace the legend to true roots, but were intrigued by the story and the recollections of the elderly woman who told them of her childhood experiences at the house. She never minded being punished when her parents sent her to her room, because she always had the company of a nice man and woman who would come out of the walls and visit.

The back of the bottle includes advice from Hayes, “Experience the spirits within,” as well as an invitation to visit the wine cellar’s web page to read some of the ghost stories or to add your own experience.


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