Wine and Dime Episode 20 - Amy and Christina walk into a wine bar... with Christina Guglielmetti

Welcome to another episode of Wine and Dime.  In this episode I chat with Christina Guglielmetti, owner of Future Perfect Planning.  Just like myself, Christina is a fee-only adviser, who offers reliable financial services to everyone.  Christina is also a part owner of a wine bar in the Brooklyn, NY called "The Owl's Head"

We talk about what it takes to run a financial planning business as well as being a part owner of a bar.  It was a great conversations with topics ranging from great unique wines, the foods that pair with them and of course a slew of financial topics. I hope you all enjoy the conversatio as much as I did and thanks for listening!


Christina Guglielmetti

Future Perfect Planning

Facebook:  @futureperfectnyc

Twitter:  @gugliecristina


Bringing affordable, fee-only, reliable financial planning services to everyone.

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The Owl's Head


479 74th Street
Brooklyn, NY 1120



The Wines


Nebbiolo Wines - Wines made from Nebbiolo are characterized by their ample amounts of acidity and tannin. Most examples are wines built for aging and some of the highest quality vintages need significant age (at least a decade or more) before they are palatable to many wine drinkers and can continue to improve in the bottle for upward of 30 years. As Nebbiolo ages, the bouquet becomes more complex and appealing with aromas of tar and roses being the two most common notes. Other aromas associated with Nebbiolo include dried fruit, damsons, leather, licorice, mulberries, spice as well dried and fresh herbs. While Barolo & Barbaresco tend to be the heaviest and most in need of aging, wines made in the modernist style are becoming more approachable at a young age. Lighter styles from Carema, Langhe and Gattinara tend to be ready drink within a few years of vintage. Nebbiolo from California and Australia will vary from producer and quality of vineyard.


Mexican Wine - La Santa comes from centenarian, own-rooted Rosa del Peru (Moscatel Negro) vines grown at 2,400 ft elevation on sandy loam and granite soils in Tecate. The grapes were hand-harvested, de-stemmed, and fermented without temperature control in 450 liter concrete tinajas with 45 days of macerationThe wine was then raised for 3 months in ½ stainless steel vats and ½ older barrels. A lively and vertical vin de soif, La Santa is almost rosé colored in the glass, delicately floral, with red and dark fruits and juicy acidity. A lovely red wine to serve chilled with charcuterie and cheeses.

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