Wine and Dime Episode 23 - Financial Education for Kids with Sammy Rabbit

This episode of Wine and Dime is about a topic that I am very passionate about!  Financial Education for children.  It was a pleasure to speak with Sam X Renick.  Sam is the founder of Sammy Rabbit.  Sammy was created to make learning of financial topics fun for kids and I couldn't have been more delighted to discuss this very important topic.  Thanks again to Sam for coming on the show and sharing with us what him and his "Rabbit" are doing.  



Sam X Renick

Facebook - @OfficialSammyRabbit

Twitter - @sammyrabbit1

Sam X Renick is the driving force behind Sammy Rabbit, the Dream Big Read and the Dream Big Club. Sam is dedicated to empowering kids' dreams and improving children’s financial literacy through the development of great habits and strategic life skills. Sam has read and sung off key with over a quarter million children around the world, encouraging them to get in the habits of saving money and reading! He writes on the subject, is quoted frequently in the media and has won numerous honors throughout his 15+ year career for his innovative strategies including the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education's Muriel F. Siebert Lifetime Achievement Award!


Meet Sammy

Sammy is a "head, heart and hug" solution to financial literacy and great life habits!

When it comes to personal finance there is no question critical thinking and math matter. So do feelings. And that is one of many unique edges Sammy provides kids and families.

Sammy is a friend everyone loves. He is warm, smart and trustworthy. He believes the right habits make a difference, including money habits. He makes it easy for anyone to talk to and teach kids about money and habits with his head, heart, and hug approach to education. That is HIS MAGIC and one of his SUPERPOWERS. It's what makes him an effective solution to a difficult challenge.

He embodies the ‘you can do it’ spirit. He fills financial education with joy. Sammy strongly believes it is important to dream and do big, one step at a time! Dreams give us purpose. They drive behavior so we can achieve what has meaning to us.

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