Wine and Dime Special Edition - Total Wellness and Launching a Book with Karen Creamer

In this special edition of Wine and Dime, I talk with Registered Nurse, Author, and Holistic Health Coach, Karen Creamer.  Karen is launching a book called "Honor You Health", and is available on Amazon, or wherever books are sold.  In the book, Karen writes about a variety of holistic therapies, so that you can explore options that may better align with your ideas of health and wellness.  We talk about the relationship between traditional and holistic medicine and a whole other slew of topics.  It was a great conversation that I hope you will find intriguing as well as educational.  

Karen Creamer

Author, RN, Holistic Health Coach

Karen Creamer is a Registered Nurse Health Coach whose own personal experiences combined with over twenty-five years as a health care professional uniquely qualifies her to blend conventional medicine with holistic healing measures to provide an integrated approach to making health care decisions.


Honor Your Health: How to Use Holistic Healing to Create a Life of Clarity, Comfort, and Connection

Are today's doctors getting paid to heal us or to harm us?
You spend a ton of your hard-earned money to be told what to do by medical professionals who, in many cases, do not support your values and instincts. You're told that if you follow the rules, you'll feel better ... but why don't you feel better?
It's been said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results."
Maybe it's time to find a new way--time to take back control and become a full partner in managing your health.
Author Karen Creamer understands. She suffered from health issues, but she found a powerful process to restore and maintain her health. Today she helps other people do the same.
Karen speaks with authority and compassion about holistic healing methods because she has been the beneficiary of them.

In Honor Your Health, you will
- Learn about a variety of holistic therapies so that you can explore options that may better align with your ideas of health and wellness
- Identify ways you can begin using holistic healing immediately for little or no cost
- Develop your own "self-care plan" to help navigate transitions in life
Create a life of clarity, comfort, and connection today!

Karens other books

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