Wine and Dime Episode 25 - Advising Physicians with Joe Matelich

In this episode of Wine and Dime I chat with Joe Matelich.  Joe is a financial planner, who specializes in planning for Physicians.  You can find more out about Joe's business by going to  In this episode we talk about some of the things that drove him to only working with physicians as well as some of the money "Stories" that he likes to tell.  So grab a glass of your favorite wine and settle in for story time with Joe and Amy!

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did and thank you for listening!

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About Joe Matelich

Facebook - @physicianadvising

twitter - @physicianadv

Joe is a fee-only advisor and solopreneur at Physician Advising, where he provides physician-specific financial advice at a fair price.  After work, Joe is typically found in the kitchen trying to match the timing of a hot meal to his wife's variable residency schedule. 

Since Joe is a big fan of cooking, a fitting metaphor for Joe's work as a financial advisor is that of going to a highly recommended restaurant because the chef uses fresh ingredients and eats what he cooks.  In financial planning and investment management, Joe's recommendations mirror his family's actions.

Books Mentioned on the show:

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Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending

by elizabeth Dunn

Two professors combine their fascinating and cutting-edge research in behavioral science to explain how money can buy happiness—if you follow five core principles of smart spending.

Most people recognize that they need professional advice on how to earn, save, and invest their money. When it comes to spending that money, most people just follow their intuitions. But scientific research shows that those intuitions are often wrong.

Happy Money offers a tour of research on the science of spending, explaining how you can get more happiness for your money. Authors Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton have outlined five principles—from choosing experiences over stuff to spending money on others—to guide not only individuals looking for financial security, but also companies seeking to create happier employees and provide “happier products” to their customers. Dunn and Norton show how companies from Google to Pepsi to Charmin have put these ideas into action.

Along the way, Dunn and Norton explore fascinating research that reveals that luxury cars often provide no more pleasure than economy models, that commercials can actually enhance the enjoyment of watching television, and that residents of many cities frequently miss out on inexpensive pleasures in their hometowns. By the end of this “lively and engaging book” (Dan Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness), you’ll be asking yourself one simple question every time you reach for your wallet: Am I getting the biggest happiness bang for my buck?

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