Wine and Dime Episode 27 - Life After Grief with Christopher Dale

In this episode, I chat with Christopher Dale.  Chris is a CFP and owner of Life After Grief Financial Planning.  Chris is very compassionate and that trait is what suits him to his business specialty of "A fee only financial planning and investment management firm helping those experiencing grief".  Chris and I talk about his life and what lead him to helping people in this way.  We also talk about a few of our favorite wines, and I even suggest a great wine from Anthony Roads and their red wine called Devonian.   I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed talking to Chris, and thanks for listening!

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Christopher Dale, CFP®


650 N. Alafaya Trail Suite 101 #782043
Orlando, FL 32878






Our goal is to be your financial coach, and enable you to focus on healing and finding joy in life again. We take a holistic approach, focusing on helping you navigate financial matters during the hardest times. Our seven values reflect our tailored approach.


The Wineries and Wine

John and Ann Martini moved to Anthony Road in 1973 at the urging of a friend that touted the joys of grape growing in the Finger Lakes. They loaded up 2 young children and left their home in Baltimore, where John worked for WR Grace to set up their farming life on the west side of Seneca Lake. Surprisingly neither Ann nor John had an agricultural background, unless you count John’s youthful summers at his grandparent’s farm in Melvin, Illinois. But together and with the help of family and friends they planted their first 5-acres, Foch, in the summer of 1973. The vineyard grew, to 30-acres, as did the Martini family, to 4 children, but it was quickly realized that an outside job was needed to support their endeavors. John joined the staff at the Cornell’s Experiment Station in Geneva and Ann took over the day to day operations and maintenance of both the household and the vineyard.


Devonian Red

Sedimentary rock formed during the Devonian Period - a chapter of geological history in the Finger Lakes, is the foundation of the soils on which our grapes are grown. Year in and year out, our Devonian Red, a medium-bodied dry red, is quite delicious and a great value!


Caymus Cabernet

A dark, scarlet red color, with powerful aromas of sweet ripe cabernet grapes. Initial impressions are fantastically appealing, brooding to expansive textural sensations of finely grained cacao tannins. The whole of the wine is balanced, rich, expressive and impressively complex. The backbone of fine tannin and sweet ripeness is a carry-over from perfectly mature fruit.


Proud Supporter and Collaborator with the

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Seneca Lake Wine Trail


New York State’s Largest and Most Active Wine Trail. 

In 1986, the Seneca Lake Wine Trail was formed in the heart of New York State’s Finger Lakes region to attract more visitors to experience its rich history, beauty, and production of world-class wines. Today, Seneca Lake Wine Trail is the largest and most active wine trail in New York State with a community of over 30 wineries, a distillery, several breweries and hard cider producers and a meadery.

Seneca Lake’s natural combination of deep water, at 632 feet it is the deepest of the Finger Lakes, and sloping hillsides provides the ideal microclimate for grape growing. Its unique geology and topography protect the growth of hardy native grapes and premium hybrids as well as more delicate varieties such as Riesling,Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.

We have a lot to be proud of, here on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. But, one of our finest characteristics is that we're at the heart of a greater Finger Lakes community. The Finger Lakes are an amazing place to visit and to live, with old world-charm, beautiful food, beautiful wine, beautiful people and a beautiful way of life.


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