Wine and Dime Episode 28 - Celebrating Diversity with David Bonebrake

In this episode of Wine and Dime, I had the pleasure of speaking with David Bonebrake.  David is owner of Bonebrake Financial Planning and Wealth Management.  David and I both have a passion of diversity and this shared interest is what made me want to have him as a guest.  And, boy am I glad I went with my gut on that one.  We explore diversity from a few different angles and learned a lot about the we each approach the topic.  I found this topic and this episode very eye opening, and I'm sure that you as well! 

Thank you for listening!

David Bonebrake

Bonebrake Financial Planning and Wealth Management


100 W. 13th Ave., Suite 200
Eugene, OR  97401
Phone:   541-868-3800

Toll free:  888-590-1824
Fax: 541-485-0755

Facebook -@bonebrakefinancial

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Activist and promoter of engagement who seeks to enlighten and empower without guilt, shame, blame, or judgment of self or others. Carmen Xiomara Urbina has a BS in agriculture and resource economics (Oregon State University) and a master's degree in spiritual psychology (University of Santa Monica).


The Wine!

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Lakewook vineyards History

In 1951, the Stamp family moved to Lakewood Farm, a run-down peach and apple orchard on the west side of Seneca Lake. The next spring, they started planting grapes. The original grapes were those favored by the large wineries and grape juice companies. In the mid-80’s the family diversified to add some new varieties, with the hope of someday using them to make their own wines.

In 1988, Monty and Beverly Stamp and their children pressed the grapes for their first vintage.

A Vision Realized

Lakewood Vineyards Winery opened to the public in June 1989 with 7 varieties of wine, made from estate-grown grapes from their 45 acres of vineyards.

Today, with 80 acres of vineyards and 3 Stamp family generations working together, the winery produces a diverse selection of wines. Their dedicated and talented team prides themselves on offering Finger Lakes wines of exceptional quality and value.

This diamond in the rough opens with aromas of cherry, plum and toast. The palate is soft with youthful tannins finishing warm with hints of stone fruit. Lakewood’s Pinot pairs beautifully with duck, wild game, salmon and other dishes that would ascend when matched with a beautifully crafted Pinot Noir. - Winery

Featured Awards:

Silver Medal - Jefferson Cup Invitational2014 (2012 vintage)

Bronze Medal - Taster’s guild wine Lover’s Competition2015 (2012 vintage)


This episode was presented by

Amy Irvine

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The Seneca Lake Wine Trail

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