Wine and Dime Episode 55 - Getting Perspective with Compassionate Care Attorney Antonio Martin

Welcome to Episode 55 of Wine and Dime. In this episode I speak with a lawyer that I have dubbed “The Compassionate Care Attorney”, Antonio Martin. Antonio owns a law firm in Celebration, Florida and is “committed to providing excellent legal representation to individuals, families, and businesses throughout Florida.” This episode is all about getting perspective. Perspective of others lives, perspective of other cultures, perspective of others thoughts… you get the idea. And how that can make you a better person, and in Antonio’s case, a better person. I think you will enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed our conversation. So sit back, pop open a bottle of Bold Blackberry wine(one of Antonio’s favorites), and enjoy the show!

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Antonio Martin, Esq.

Martin Law Group

1420 Celebration Blvd, Suite 200,

Celebration, Florida 34747


As a child my Grandmother repeatedly said that in order to master a game, you have to know the rules. As an attorney, understanding the rules of law means finding unique, well-founded resolutions and sharing them with my clients."

  • Antonio Martin, Esq.

Antonio Martin was born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in Central Florida as a determined and successful student-athlete. Having eight living family members over the age of 90 years old helped Martin appreciate wise counsel and broad perspectives both in the here and now as well as the foreseeable future. Martin's unique definition of success comes from his view on life thanks to his courageous and hardworking elders... family traits he wishes to honor via every accomplishment achieved.

While Martin attended high school he garnered several incredible accolades from earning the #1 position in the country in the 800m in Track & Field to obtaining a Bright Futures Academic Scholarship. Mr. Martin has purposefully cultivated a personality of perseverance and excellence from an early age. During his tenure at Florida State University, he continued to practice perseverance in his track career, winning several medals within the Atlantic Coast Conference, while pursuing excellence by making the Dean's list several semesters. Martin received his Bachelor's of Science in 2004, after which he furthered his education by spending time abroad in China experiencing different perspectives in the world. He then made certain to apply those diverse perspectives in the pursuit of a law degree at Florida A&M College of Law. 

As a law student, a father of his first daughter, and a sales representative in business-to-business sales, our founder learned the importance of relationships and communication. In fact, the time spent in the customer service industry gave birth to the vision for his own law firm which he established in 2011. As the Managing Attorney of Martin Law Group, P.L., Attorney Martin very quickly recognized a nexus between providing effective legal counsel and communication driven customer service that was missing amongst his competitors. Mr. Martin emphasizes, "Stellar legal advocacy without adequate client communication produces an unsatisfied client. Legal strategies provide legal solutions, but client communication provides client peace of mind."

Attorney Martin's personal experiences in both real estate and family law gives him a profound understanding of the importance of clarity when making important decisions. His highest desire is to provide the clarity Martin wished he had during his own personal experiences regarding family law and real estate. Martin Law Group is determined to provide clarity and peace of mind to our clients, to enable them to make educated decisions taking all involved parties, minute details, finances, time, and reputation into account.

Attorney Martin currently sits on the Board for “Housing for All”, an organization dedicated to providing transitional housing for the homeless. He recently has also been sworn in as an officer on the Board of Trustees for the Osceola County Salvation Army.    

"In considering Dr. Stephen Covey's famous quote, 'Begin with the end in mind' we at Martin Law Group believe that a clear strategy requires a clear desired outcome."

Antonio Martin, Esq.

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Island Grove Wine Company

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