Wine and Dime Episode 60 - Faith in Action Executive Director, Dick Russell

This weeks guest, Dick Russell, is a long time friend as well as the director of one of my passion "projects" - Faith-in-Action.  I first met Dick in 2005 when I found out about the organization and wanted to help in the cause to keep people in their home for as long as possible.  Many people have to move out of their long-term home simply because they could no longer drive, and this organization is helping to combat this.

As you will hear, Dick, and his family, are givers; the true meaning of givers in fact.  They have served their communities in so many ways and continue to do so.   If you are interested in getting involved in this organization go to or call @ (607) 324-1138

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What to expect when volunteering

  • Areas that are serviced

  • Ways to donate

  • The history of this great organization

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Faith in Action of Steuben County

Facebook - @fiasteuben


At a time when our need to reach out to each other is greatest, Faith in Action Steuben County, an interfaith volunteer care-giving program, stands ready to help in the Steuben County Area. Our trained volunteers provide supportive services to the elderly at no charge.


Faith in Action Steuben County is a coalition of congregations, civic groups, and communities united to serve the elderly, assisting them to continue to live independently. We seek to augment, not replace, the individual's existing care structure. This support is provided at no cost to the recipients, by selfless volunteers who give care to people in need.

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Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

The Generational Approach

Our approach to great winemaking is generational with each Frank family member building upon the foundation that Dr. Konstantin Frank built over fifty years ago. Continuing this legacy means producing the highest quality wines from the highest quality grapes.

Video: Terroir at Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

We believe that quality starts in the vineyards with careful attention to detail and nurturing of our old vine vineyards first planted by Konstantin in 1958. These old vine vineyards are among the oldest in the United States. While they produce fewer grapes, the quality of the fruit results in more complex wines.

Over the years, we have discovered that the northern European grape varieties are most well suited for our region and have made it our passion to champion these varieties at our winery. Varieties such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir and most recently, Grüner Veltliner are among the most prized and beloved at our winery.

Our world class team of winemakers are a huge piece of the puzzle here. The team consists of winemakers from New York, California, Australia and Germany. Each team member contributes expertise from their respective region, adhering to the Frank family tradition of excellence.

Continuing Konstantin's legacy also means continuing to spread the word about the quality of Finger Lakes wines. We do this by entering wine competitions all over the world. Customers can also find our wines in many different states. Experience has taught us over the past fifty years that our wine region is and can become one of the most prestigious in the world.

Overview -

Dr. Konstantin Frank Riesling, Dry (2017)


100% Riesling

The grapes were picked in the early morning to retain freshness, de-stemmed, and pressed immediately. Once pressed, the grapes were fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures to preserve the more delicate characteristics and freshness. The wine rests on its fine lees for 5 months before bottling.

The Wine:
An expressive style with dominant characters of minerality, grapefruit, lime and soft apricot. The crisp lime-driven acidity enhances the distinct Keuka Lake minerality, rounded by stone fruit and ginger. Our Riesling finishes long and mouthwatering balanced perfectly with a slightly weighty texture.

This episode was presented by

Amy Irvine


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