Wine and Dime Episode 63 - Supporting the Apples of the World with Breanna Reish

In this episode of Wine and Dime, I chat with my dear friend Breanna Reish. Breanna is a certified financial planner with Wealth of Confidence, which is a fee only firm located in California. She also hosts her own podcast called “One Million Apples”. In this episode we talk about things we are truly passionate about… teachers! So sit on back, pop open your favorite wine and enjoy the show!


Breanna Reish

Wealth in Confidence

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"My true purpose as a financial planner is to create an inviting environment where you are encouraged to discuss your money without judgment, to learn about your investments in a way you enjoy and become more comfortable managing your money with confidence"

I grew up in a family that lived with what we needed and didn't have a lot left over for luxury. At the age of 14, I realized that making money meant that I would have the opportunity to buy what I wanted and do what I wanted so I started working and saving. Knowing I had money in the bank for when I would need it gave me great confidence and provided a sense of safety and security. My passion for sharing these core principles with others led me to my role as a financial planner, but I was wearing rose-colored glasses

While I was here to guide and educate, the industry was all about selling and products. It was an experience that was miserable for a lot of people, including myself. As I watched this process I could see how many people felt that most discussions revolved around product and investments and left out true desires and goals. This was totally unacceptable to me. I knew that the financial world was confusing to navigate, left out strategy outside of investments, and felt like a used-car lot instead of a true fiduciary environment.

Wealth of Confidence was created after 9 years of working with clients. It was finally time to combine my passion for planning with my purpose to break the mold and offer a great experience for you.

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One Million Apples Podcast

The Mission & The Name

Every day, across the United States, teachers are taken advantage of financially. People are using deceptive practices to work with you, the people that educate our children. They are not only going after your hard earned money they are robbing you of your trust and confidence in your overall financial well-being. This has to stop!

While we would love more regulation, it does not guarantee an overall change. As you know EDUCATION has the potential to do great things. That is how this passion project started, to teach teachers all about their money.

Heavy stuff, right?

That is why we decided to lighten it up a bit and touch on other fun topics, trends, lifestyle, career issues and more. 

Why One Million Apples?

There are between 4-5 million teachers in the K-12 and higher education system across the United States. Our mission is to impact the lives of at least ONE million.

You would not be the first to think that is crazy, we are a little overwhelmed with that number as well. That is why we are asking for your help to accomplish this mission. If you hear, read or watch something helpful on this site, please tell your friends. Also, let us know that you're here; we'd love to measure our progress along the way.

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