Wine and Dime Episode 73 - with Whealthcare Planning Co-Founder Chris Heye

In this episode of Wine and Dime, I get the opportunity to sit down with a co-founder of Whealthcare Planning, Dr. Chris Heye. We had a great conversation about the cost of health care and the impact it can have on your wealth, especially as you age. The inspiration that led him to being a part of this organization, and the passion he has is not something you want to miss. So, pop open a bottle of your favorite wine, or a nice Red Bordeaux, as Chris suggests, and enjoy the show!!

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Whealthcare Planning

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Our story

We are a mission-driven company dedicated to helping individuals and families more successfully plan for the financial and emotional challenges associated with aging.

We provide a unique cloud-based platform offering a suite of innovative tools and educational materials developed in cooperation with thought leaders in geriatrics, psychiatry, and financial planning. Our approach is based in part on a clinical study and related work conducted in the psychiatry department at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Our platform focuses on preparing individuals and families for four major life transitions that virtually all older adults confront: when to turn over financial decision-making, when and how to transition health care decision-making, when to change living arrangements, and when to quit driving.


Chris Heye, PhD - Co-Founder

Dr Heye is the Co-Founder of Whealthcare Planning LLC and Founder and CEO of Cogniscient, Inc. and has extensive experience starting and running technology companies. After confronting dementia first hand in his own family and witnessing elder financial abuse in friends, he decided not enough was being done to protect the financial well-being of older adults. He co-designed and managed the clinical study “Cognitive Function as a Proxy of Financial Decision Making in Older Primary Care Adults” at the Massachusetts General Hospital which investigated the behavioral and cognitive underpinnings of financial decision-making. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association's (FPA) FinTech Advisory Group. He received his BA from Wesleyan University and PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Burgundy wine 

Burgundy Wine is wine made in the Burgundy region in eastern France in the valleys and slopes west of the Saône, a tributary of the Rhône. The most famous wines produced here—those commonly referred to as "Burgundies"—are dry red wines made from Pinot noir grapes and white wines made from Chardonnay grapes.

Red and white wines are also made from other grape varieties, such as Gamay and Aligoté, respectively. Small amounts of rosé and sparkling wines are also produced in the region. Chardonnay-dominated Chablis and Gamay-dominated Beaujolais are formally part of the Burgundy wine region, but wines from those subregions are usually referred to by their own names rather than as "Burgundy wines".

Burgundy has a higher number of appellations d'origine contrôlée (AOCs) than any other French region, and is often seen as the most terroir-conscious of the French wine regions. The various Burgundy AOCs are classified from carefully delineated Grand Cru vineyards down to more non-specific regional appellations. The practice of delineating vineyards by their terroir in Burgundy goes back to medieval times, when various monasteries played a key role in developing the Burgundy wine industry.

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