Wine and Dime Episode 74 - LoanBuddy Alex Bottom

Hey there Wine and Dime listeners! We’re back with another topic you know I’m passionate about… Student Loans…! I know what a surprise! Well, this weeks guest is the one of the co-founders of LoanBuddy, Alex Bottom. LoanBuddy is a new financial technology platform, with a focus on providing solutions for advisors who are student loan planning for their clients. Alex and I had a great conversation about what led him into helping people get their student loan debt under control. This is a great episode for anyone that may need some insight into student loans and where to go to find assistance. So Sip on back, pop open a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy the show!

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Alex Bottom


“I'm proud of the accelerating growth at LoanBuddy, now with 200+ Financial Advisors, that we call Members, who track and monitor over $100 Million of student loan debt on our platform. Our first beta users logged into a primitive beta in May of 2018 and we have gained tremendous insight from our community as we continue to build more features for them. I am on the Economics Leadership Council at my alma mater, the University of Southern California.”


Twitter - @LoanBuddyApp


Finally, a real service to help you conquer your student loan debt.

There are over 100 different options when it comes to student loans. From different loan types, to different repayment plans, to forgiveness options, to more complex things like deferment and forbearance.

It’s confusing.

For years, borrowers have had to rely on the help from the loan servicers - which if you’ve watched the news lately - might not be the best.

And every year, as Congress tries to make things better, they just end up making things more confusing - and even scaring people with threats to end certain programs.

The fact is, student loans are confusing, scary, challenging, and more.

LoanBuddy is redefining what it means to get out of student loan debt.

Here’s what you get with LoanBuddy

  • Know The Lowest Repayment Plan For You - Free

  • Stop having to DIY your loans with LoanBuddy Plus

  • Get help for the life of your loans with LoanBuddy Lifetime

  • Connect with financial planners that really understand student loan debt


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