Introduction to Rooted Planning Group
(formerly Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies)

Introduction Video for Rooted Planning Group
How do Financial Planners Get Compensated?

Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies (now DBA Rooted Planning Group) was formed from a passion to work with people in the financial planning capacity.  We offer on-going financial advice that includes an investment strategy, but does not start there.  It starts with you!  Although our primary office is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes City of Corning, New York, we now have planners in:

  • Hornell, New York,

  • Alfred, New York,

  • Madison, Wisconsin area,

  • Fargo, North Dakota,

  • Valliant, Oklahoma, and

  • Amy also spends a fair amount of the winter in the small town of Parrish, Florida.