Monday Morning Quarter-Buck 03-27-2017

Monday Morning Quarter-Buck

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“I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play”  ― Boris Becker

As we say goodbye to the month of March and the end of the first quarter of 2017, we want to say thank you for your business!  Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies is approaching its first anniversary in May - we have some fun planned around the anniversary, so stay tuned.

Also, last week, I mentioned the addition of Debbie Konopski, but I failed to give you her contact information!  She can be reached at

The biggest question I’ve received over the weekend was, “what happened last week?”  So I’m combining my normal blog with my weekly Market Week newsletter.  Here is a link to the newsletter (, or you can go to my website, click on “About” and “Market Updates”

Additional Education Opportunities

For those of you that are interested in additional education on the Psychology of Money, a colleague of mine recently released the following webinar that might make you think about your relationship with money a bit - it’s a great one to share with your family (in my opinion) - click here to watch now.

I also want to mention a great class that is being presented on March 28th called Demolish Debt, presented by Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America.  This class may not be for you, but you may know someone who is feeling weighed down by debt.  This is a free class at 7 pm, so even working folks can register to attend: click here to find out more details about the class (scroll down to Demolish Debt).