Monday Morning Quarter-Buck 09/17/2018: Have Courage and Be Kind, by Kate Welker


In this edition of the Monday Morning Quarter-Buck, Planner Kate Welker explores courage.  It’s funny how life is so circular sometimes! One of my favorite quotes is “Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle in their journey," which is exactly what Kate’s “be kind” comment suggests.  I’ve noticed in my life that courage comes easier when you don’t go it alone, so perhaps that is one of the answers as well.

Have Courage and Be Kind

By Kate Welker


I have always been enamored with a Cinderella story and there have been several movies released that have been favorites of mine. In high school I can’t tell you how many times I watched “Ever After,” and when I heard Disney was releasing a new version in 2015 I was excited to see it. This was actually a recent revelation of mine, and I really had to think about why I was drawn to these stories. I think most people think more about the prince saving the downtrodden girl, or the chance to go from literal rags to riches in an instant. What draws me in is the Cinderella character. She has had everything stripped away from her and is placed in a dreadful situation and yet she approaches each day with a fresh attitude. She hasn’t let her current situation keep her from dreaming big and when she sees something she wants, she has the courage to go after it. The highlight for me of the 2015 version was the phrase Cinderella repeats throughout the movie “Have courage and be kind.” That phrase has run through my mind so many times since then. It also tied in well with the topic I wanted to write about, which is taking a big life step to create change.


Have Courage

So often I hear the following phrases: “I’m just stuck in a rut” “I feel like I’m going around in circles, but getting nowhere” or “I’m working hard, but I’m not getting ahead.” So many people are working hard and trying to get ahead, but the way to change their situation seems just out of reach. Many times there is an answer, but it might take some courage to accept it.


The Answer

It might be asking for a promotion and that can be scary, you need to have the courage to confidently approach your supervisor. Is there a lack of skill or performance holding you back? Have the courage to honestly look at your own performance to see if you are deserving of that raise or position and then make a case for yourself. If you are struggling to make a case for yourself, have the courage to ask yourself what you can do in your position better everyday or what sort of skills can you develop to get that promotion.

 Also, looking at your budget for your answer can be scary. You might even want to run and hide from it. Have the courage to face the numbers and see where you can adjust.

 Then again, your answer might be that you need to make a change. It takes a lot of courage to decide to go back to school, pursue a professional designation, change a position, or start a business. All can advance your career and be life changers, but you need to have the courage to take the first step. Those all include an investment of time and money, and that thought alone can be scary. I don’t recommend doing any of the above without first making a solid plan for how you will accomplish your goal, but just making the plans is generally the hardest step because it has now become reality.

 If you are stuck in a rut or feel like nothing is working, nothing will work unless you make a change somewhere. This is where you need to take that step whatever it be for you, and have the courage to pursue it.


Be Kind

This is not personal finance, this is just life advice. These are words I don’t think we can hear enough in our world and kind words can feel in short supply at times. The ability to be kind and treat ourselves and each other with respect is something we can all do. You never know who might need a pick me up and that act of kindness could change their day.