Monday Morning Quarter-Buck: Teachers Appreciation Week

Happy Post Cinco de Mayo!  We hope you were able to kick back and enjoy your favorite beverage and snacks in celebration.  We enjoyed a tasty glass of a yet to be released bottle of Estate Red by Bully Hill.

Speaking of celebrating, we want to recognize a few special professions, since we have a number of clients in these professions:

May 6th – 10th is Teacher Appreciation Week and I hope this week’s blog does it justice

  • May 6th (today) is Nurses Day.  Where would we be without our wonderful nurses?

  • May 6th – 12th is Be Kind to Animals Week.  Have you checked out our Pawz and Purz posts?  There are some amazing fur-babies up for adoption that would just love your kindness.

  • May 10th is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  Although they may not be enlisted, they certainly are active participants in serving our country.

  • Rounding out the week on May 12th is Mother’s Day.  


 Teacher Appreciation Week

By Amy Irvine, CFP®, EA, MPAS®

Corning, New York

Parrish, Florida

We are blessed to get to work with some amazing teachers and administrators at our practice and there have been a few that have influenced our lives in ways they will never know, even when we try to tell them.

For those of you that have read my book, “Uncork Your Finances,” you know that I give a lot of credit to a teacher that helped me discover my passion for finance. In honor of teacher appreciation week, I once again would like to mention that Lenny Caruso was an extraordinary teacher and I am very excited to be recording a podcast with him very soon for release in June.  

Another extra special mention in our lives include “Chief” and “Tricia.”  They will know who they are, and their long-term friendship (since 1976) and guidance is forever engrained in our lives.  

These individuals spent their entire career focused on growing knowledge; encouraging us to draw our own conclusions and, most of all, inspiring curiosity.

It’s that curiosity that has driven me to change the face of financial planning, asking why.  Why do we have to charge based on your assets? Why do you need to have a lot of money to have a financial planner?  Why can’t we start financial education at a young age? Why do we assume that everyone understands financial basics? Why do school districts allow sales people to sell products, but not include financial education? Why, Why, Why?  

When the website was launched, I was one of the first members to jump on the bandwagon wanting to protect our educators and provide them with unbiased information.   Still, I feel it is a challenge to get the information front and center. For example, did you know that in New York, certain school districts offer an opportunity to participate in the New York State 457 Deferred Compensation plan?  The underlying investments in this plan are very low cost for the most part and have special provisions not offered by 403b plans. But no one gets a commission if you elect that option, so it remains a “secret.”

Also, did you know that many teacher Unions have negotiated to offer group rates for things like disability, life and home and auto insurance?  All of these may save you money and protect you and your family in the long run! But if you utilize these products, no one gets a commission.

There is a trend, but let’s end it.

For those of you that are not teachers, my guess is you know a few and given the influence they’ve had on your life (or you children/grand-children/etc.), you would want them to get the best advice.  Just like they may have given to you years ago.

So, join me this week in saying thank you to a retired or active teacher that has influenced your life, from the feedback I’ve received, they would love to hear from you.

Want to hear more about people that have influenced my life?  Attend the YWCA Annual Tribute to Women Fundraising Luncheon, join me in being an anomaly and asking why!