The Intersection of Vegetables and Finance

Monday Morning Quarter-Buck

By Financial Planner Becky (Partridge) Eason

Hornell, New York

Did you know that today, June 17th, is national eat your vegetables day? What better time to talk about getting vegetables on a budget! A common misconception is that it’s expensive to eat healthy. There are ways that you can eat healthy and actually save money, especially during the summer if you live in the north.

The biggest way to save money on vegetables is to have a garden. Even for those of you living in cities there are options for gardening available to you as well. If you don’t have a yard you can try small window or balcony planters. Also, many cities offer community garden plots where you can have your own section of a garden to grow what you want. A pack of seeds usually costs in the range of $1 - $3. Think about how many yummy veggies you can grow for $1 - $3, you’ll be well on your way to saving lots of money. Not only do you get to save money but you also get to enjoy the fresh air while working in the garden. The best part is that in the end you get to eat the “fruits of your labor”.

Another way to eat your veggies on a budget is to shop at your local farmers markets and roadside stands. You will likely find fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the cost of chain retailers. Not to mention the fruit and vegetables will be much more fresh and you will be supporting local farmers.

There are also ways to save money on produce at your regular grocery store. For instance, many stores offer “family packs”. These “family packs” are a larger quantity of produce usually sold for a lower price per pound. Remember though that if you know you won’t be consuming the food before it spoils, you won’t be saving money if you have to throw out the extra food.

Eating your vegetables doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, for a family it’s almost always cheaper to buy your vegetables and cook at home than it is to go to a fast food restaurant, not to mention the health benefits!