Get out of the Desert!


Two vital things that would make our lives better, water and an emergency fund.  Unfortunately, we are leaving ourselves out in the desert when it comes to both.

According to Chicago Sun Times, more than 75% of Americans are dehydrated and setting themselves up for future problems. The No. 1 cause of midday fatigue is dehydration.  Every time you feel that way, drink a full glass of water.’ You have more energy when you drink water throughout the day and it helps with concentration and short-term memory.”

Here are some ways to avoid dehydration:

  • Add water to your morning routine

  • Limit your caffeine intake

  • Juice drinks, soda, and sports drinks do not count

  • For every non-water beverage, have a glass of water

In addition to being dehydrated, CNN Money reports that only 18% of Americans have a three to six month emergency fund.  An emergency fund is vital to our long-term financial health and aids us in being prepared for the “unexpected” things we should expect.  Being prepared helps us sleep better at night and keeps us out of credit card debt.

Here are some ways to increase your savings.

  • Set a savings goal

  • Set up an automatic draft to savings

  • Cut costs

  • Make it a priority