A welcome from the founder

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Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies was formed from my passion to work with people in the financial planning capacity.  We offer on-going financial advice that includes an investment strategy, but does not start there.  It starts with you!  Although our primary office is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes City of Corning, New York, we now have planners in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and of course I also spend a fair amount of the winter in the small town of Parrish, Florida.  

Client Experience Expectations

Who are you and what is your passion in life?  When you begin your collaboration with Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies, you can expect the Discovery Meeting to focus on what is most meaningful to you and what you are passionate about.    This allows us to understand what your priorities are and what the numbers represent.

The next step after the Discovery Meeting is completion of the Planning Worksheet.  This simple, 30-minute form, will generate a starting point for our relationship and help us both clarify the scope of assistance that is needed to meet your goals.

Following the analysis of the Planning Worksheet, you will receive a Recommendation Report. We will walk through the report together and you will decide which recommendations you want to implement and an associated timeline.  

During the Implementation Stage, we will guide you through the plan you have chosen. 

As you begin to implement the changes we decided on together, you will begin to feel more control over your financial life. You will have a sense of calm and excitement about the potential of your financial future. This will have immediate and lasting influence on every aspect of your life.