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Irvine Wealth planning Strategies and RightCapital

Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies utilizes RightCapital not only as financial planning software, but a way to communicate with clients.  We picked this company as a providers because RightCapital is a team of innovators. Multiple members hold various patents from their previous innovations in financial services. They constantly think outside-the-box and are focused on providing simplified presentations that more effectively communicate sophisticated solutions to complex problems.

RightCapital also leverages the team’s engineering ingenuity to push innovation. Here is one example: The engineering team spent an enormous amount of time building the Federal and State income tax system into the model, but discovered it slows down the projection time significantly. They ended up creating a high performance computing algorithm and trick GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit) on computer video cards to run retirement Monte Carlo simulations – imagine having Xbox do financial planning calculations rather than rendering 3D graphs for “Call of Duty” – that’s the kind of innovation RightCapital’s engineering team provides.

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Our primary custodian is TD Ameritrade.  One of the main reasons we selected them is based on the technology intergration they could offer to our clients and to us.

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