Strong Roots Episode 7 - Couples and Money

Welcome back to another episode of Strong Roots. This week we welcome back Wine and Dime host and colleague Amy Irvine! Amy and I have a great conversation about couple and money. We discuss how financial stress can be a primary reason some couple argue, and can be a major factor in why some couple divorce. We discuss some strategies to be more open and transparent about money decisions that may lead to a better relationship. So sit on back, pop open a bottle of your favorite vino, if that’s your thing, and enjoy this weeks episode!

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Strong Roots Episode 5 - Coaching for Fiscal Fitness

In this episode of the Strong Roots Podcast, I had a visitor here in Oklahoma all the way from Upstate New York, Amy Irvine. Amy is the owner of Rooted Planning Group, a firm in which I am one of the financial planners. While here we were able to celebrate me earning my CFP and visit a great winery here in Oklahoma, “Girls gone Wine”. We also jumped in our affiliation with Fiscal Fitness Club, and how the coaching goes on there. It was a great talk, and if you are wondering what the Fiscal Fitness Club was all about, than this is the podcast for you! Be sure to rate and subscribe and thanks for listening!


Kerrie Beene, CFP®


My own personal financial journey has taught me that while they're important, life is more than numbers. Finding joy in the journey towards personal goals is key. A smart plan with a lot of heart goes a long way to keeping daily financial decisions in line with your long term goals. I graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a degree in Business Administration  and hold a certificate in Financial Planning from Wake Forest University.  I passed the CFP exam in November of 2016 and I'm currently working towards my service hours. I began my career in financial planning by starting my own company, Beene Financial Planning. Having the desire to work as a team, I then joined Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies. My roots in Southeast Oklahoma  have given me great insight on the need for financial planning that is not just investment focused, but also on all the other financial planning decisions.  I enjoy, and work best, with those who are ready to take control of their finances and use their money to fulfill their goals and dreams


Fiscal Fitness Club of America


Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America believes that the purpose of money is to first create financial security and then to accomplish your goals, while matching your values. We believe that joy in life can’t be separated from money, and that reducing financial stress through the management of cash flow and assets can add more joy to your life than owning “stuff,” or buying experiences at the expense of your financial security. We also believe that “knowing” and “doing” are not the same. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to manage your financial life, so you get what you want from your labor and money. We are all about empowering you, not about you needing us. Our goal is that, at the end of our relationship, you will have confidence in your financial path and feel comfortable knowing what you need to do to manage your financial resources and advisors. That doesn’t mean you might not prefer to delegate some or all of the tasks to us or someone else. Whether or not our relationship continues, our goal is that you will have confidence in your ability to make informed decisions.

There is an important consequence of this philosophy. You will be committing your time and energy on a regular basis to:

  • Gathering and sharing data

  • Completing assignments, such as meeting with your insurance agent or organizing your paperwork

  • Committing to becoming comfortable with technology as a tool to manage your finances

  • Acting upon mutually agreed recommendations

Strong Roots Episode 4 - Teacher of the Year, April Boatright

In this episode of Strong Roots, Kerrie sits down with a good friend of hers and teacher, April Boatright. April is a teacher in the Wright City School District in Wright City Oklahoma. April is a dedicated teacher and that dedication has paid off, and she was honored as teacher of the year. Kerrie and April had a great conversation where they talked about their friendship, their motivations, and how they Strengthen their Roots. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to rate and subscribe!



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Strong Roots Episode 3 - Changing Habits with Wendy Young

Hello again Strong Roots listeners!. In this final crossover episode with Amy, you wont hear a lot from her. Instead, Kerrie facilitates the show!! In this episode Kerrie sits down with Wendy Young. When Wendy isn’t training for 5ks and marathons or doing some personal training, she is a middle school teacher at Valliant Middle School in Valliant Oklahoma. Kerrie and and Wendy talk a lot about changing habits to reach the goals that you set for yourself. Its a great interview that I’m sure everyone will enjoy!


Strong Roots Episode 1 - Amy Irvine and Kerrie Kerrie Beene

Welcome to the very first edition of Stong Roots with your host Kerrie Beene. Kerrie is a financial planner with us here at Rooted Planning Group. Amy and Kerrie have a nice chat about her new podcast that she is launching called “Strong Roots”. Strong Roots will be the show about “strengthening our roots with discussions about health and wealth.” Kerrie will cover topics ranging from gut health, to changing habits, to life insurance. They chat about what drove her to “execute” her plan to get this podcast off the ground. We look forward to hearing all that her and her guests have to say. So sit on back and enjoy this episode of Strong Roots!