Strong Roots Episode 4 - Teacher of the Year, April Boatright

In this episode of Strong Roots, Kerrie sits down with a good friend of hers and teacher, April Boatright. April is a teacher in the Wright City School District in Wright City Oklahoma. April is a dedicated teacher and that dedication has paid off, and she was honored as teacher of the year. Kerrie and April had a great conversation where they talked about their friendship, their motivations, and how they Strengthen their Roots. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to rate and subscribe!



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Strong Roots Episode 3 - Changing Habits with Wendy Young

Hello again Strong Roots listeners!. In this final crossover episode with Amy, you wont hear a lot from her. Instead, Kerrie facilitates the show!! In this episode Kerrie sits down with Wendy Young. When Wendy isn’t training for 5ks and marathons or doing some personal training, she is a middle school teacher at Valliant Middle School in Valliant Oklahoma. Kerrie and and Wendy talk a lot about changing habits to reach the goals that you set for yourself. Its a great interview that I’m sure everyone will enjoy!


Strong Roots Episode 1 - Amy Irvine and Kerrie Kerrie Beene

Welcome to the very first edition of Stong Roots with your host Kerrie Beene. Kerrie is a financial planner with us here at Rooted Planning Group. Amy and Kerrie have a nice chat about her new podcast that she is launching called “Strong Roots”. Strong Roots will be the show about “strengthening our roots with discussions about health and wealth.” Kerrie will cover topics ranging from gut health, to changing habits, to life insurance. They chat about what drove her to “execute” her plan to get this podcast off the ground. We look forward to hearing all that her and her guests have to say. So sit on back and enjoy this episode of Strong Roots!